Event Hosts

For the tenth year in a row, Feed Fauquier is being hosted by Cornerstone, a local church, rooted in Warrenton, VA. The folks at Cornerstone hope to be a community for the community. Cornerstone is a made up of a group of people who hope to create spaces for people to engage with God and our community, no matter where they are on the faith journey. At Cornerstone, they hope that you will find a way to get connected to real people, who have real joys, real struggles, real lives, just like you. They want to join together in the larger story of what God is doing in the world around us, and find ways to jump in and serve together. Their desire is to create a safe and friendly environment where people can explore getting to know God while helping Fauquier County be the best it can be.

Outreach, Inc. has a mission to provide safe water, food, medical care and education to children and those in need at home and abroad. Outreach is a national leader in food-packing events that help provide nutritious dry meals that have been patented with the help of nutritionists to help people facing food insecurities.